Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Easy Steps to Optimize Your Computer

A slow and delayed personal digital assistant can be very frustrating and anticipate consuming, which is therefore applying effective personal digital assistant optimization techniques is essential. Slow performance of your computer can show in silent productivity, which can ultimately lead to profitable loss in small number circumstances. There are a few easily done techniques that a user can reside to preserve the performance of a computer at an optimal level. 

Roger Samara shared some steps for computer optimization are: 

1. Cleaning the Registry of a Computer.                                                                                                

Roger Samara - Registry Cleaning
Roger Samara - Cleaning the Registry

2. Defragmentation of Disk.                                                                                                                                                                                                 3. Cleaning up Disk.                                                                                                                     

4. Clear History of Browser.

Overall, maintaining the performance of your computer is not a tough task. By Using above tools and techniques computer optimization can be easy.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tips and Techniques to Boost Speed of Computer

Who loves the slow computer, struggling to open a single file in hours? Definitely this small machine has made our life easier and we are so much dependent upon it for carrying out our official and personal chores. If we talk about business success, then it highly depends upon the working of your IT infrastructure. Nothing slows business down more than a slow computer. Let’s explore some tips shared by Roger Samara to boost the speed of your computer.

Get Benefited from Microsoft Fix It

Nothing can be a great help than a free tool like Microsoft Fix It. This Microsoft tool helps you to clean and do some maintenance task to speed up your computer.

Free the Startup tray

If your computer is taking long time to start, then you have to unpin items from your startup tray. By doing this you are making the startup process easy to load when computer switched on. Some programs like antivirus, adobe reader need not to startup with your computer.

Remove unwanted Programs

Applications or Programs which are no longer in use is advisable to clean in intervals. Run Uninstaller from the control panel of your computer to remove the unwanted stuff from your computer.

Clean Your Drive

Disk Cleanup is necessary in order to clean your drives by simply typing “cleanmgr.exe” into the run menu. Unwanted data always make your system slow. Try cleaning your drive at regular intervals.

Use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer

If you are still using internet explorer as your web browser, then it is the time to switch to chrome. Chrome is faster than explorer and has lesser bugs.

Clean Your Browser

It is advisable to clean your browser regularly. You can go to the tools menu of your browser to clean the browsing history and cookies and cached items.

Scan and Remove the Malware

Roger Samara - Removing Malware
Roger Samara - Removing Malwere

Anything starts with Malware needs to be stopped. Scan your computer regularly to for the malware and get rid of it in order to increase the speed of your computer.

Scan For and Remove Viruses and Spyware

Run a regular scan to check for viruses and spyware in your computer. You can schedule it on a weekly basis too. Make sure you run the scan when you no longer using the system. Do not run two antivirus on one computer. 

Add More Memory

You increase the RAM of your computer according to its capacity. This physical change in your computer can enhance its performance. Changing laptop RAM is a tricky process as you have to remove screws. However, it is fairly easy.

Do not bang your head into a slow computer. Try out above listed steps to increase the speed of your laptops and desktops.