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Shortcut Keys to Use Microsoft Excel

Sometimes, Excel seems too good to be true. All I have to do is enter a formula, and pretty much anything I'd ever need to do manually can be done automatically. Need to merge two sheets with similar data? Excel can do it. Need to do simple math? Excel can do it. Need to combine information in multiple cells? Excel can do it.

If you encounter a situation where you need to manually update your data, you're probably missing out on a formula that can do it for you. Before spending hours and hours counting cells or copying and pasting data, look for a quick fix on Excel -- you'll likely find one.

Roger Samara is a Computer Technician at Asiatic solution with 10 years of experience. He is master of Computer's world and he is passionate about his work & new technologies introducing in Computer's world. He is fully dedicated to his work. Determine user's technical needs and provide them with appropriate solutions. Install hardware, software and device drivers on standalone computers. Install and configure computer networks including LAN and WAN. Manage network configurations to ensure that all computers on a network can communicate effectively .Test computers peripherals, hardware and software to ensure that they are working appropriately. Upgrade software, patches and operating systems on a continuous basis. Install and configure monitors, keyboards and printers. Troubleshoot hardware and software problems. Act as a technical resource in order to assist users with resolving computer issues. Ensure that all computers are secured effectively by installing and updating antivirus software.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

5 Ways to Enjoy Virtual Reality

Technology is probably one of the best creations human beings have ever made. Not only is technology able to connect people but also gives us exposure to sights, sounds, and feelings that we haven’t experienced in our lifetimes.

With Virtual Reality, technology now allows us to experience a close to life environment in an imaginary setting. As per Wikipedia, Virtual reality (VR) typically refers to computer technologies that use virtual reality headsets to generate the realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment or create an imaginary setting.

Though VR is still relatively new to the public, there are already a lot of different ways to enjoy VR. Here are some of the virtual settings and activities that you can experience:

1. Flying

Roger Samara - VR Flying
Roger Samara - VR Flying
Ever dreamed of flying? Well, here’s your chance to experience how it feels like. Using VR glasses, you will be able to fly. VR glasses presents to people a very realistic image or video that helps wearers build the momentum and excitement for the whole experience. Aside from that, if you want to experience flying, you may try this new invention made by the researchers of Zurich University’s Interaction Design Program called Birdly. Birdly is a Virtual Reality console that allows a person to lie on a padded, cross-shaped apparatus and gives people the sensation of flying over buildings or across country sides.

2. Swimming

Roger Samara - VR Swimming
Roger Samara - VR Swimming
In other cases, a VR headset will also let you experience swimming. But it’s more than that. It will also let you feel what it’s like to be swimming under oceans with dozens of fish, sharks, and whales swimming around you. You will definitely feel like being underwater because you will be able to see and hear the beauty and sounds of these sea creatures.

3. Roller Coaster

Roger Samara - VR Roller Coaster
Roger Samara - VR Roller Coaster
If you’re just at home sitting on your couch and have got nothing to do, why not ride a roller coaster? Yes, it’s just that easy when you have your own VR headset! Start feeling the gravity as the coaster twists and turns upside down. There are many VR headsets that have built in games where you can truly experience an extreme roller coaster ride. There is also a simulator called “No Limits 2” which will let you experience roller coasters on a whole new level.

4. Skydiving

Roger Samara - VR Skydiving
Roger Samara - VR Skydiving
Skydiving is an extreme sport that some people can only dream of doing because it is really expensive. If you’re looking for a cheaper (and also much safer) way to experience skydiving, then VR is the way. Fly up to high altitudes with “Volo Airsport”, a physics simulator that lets people hang on to their life and experience skydiving.

5. Flight Zombies

Roger Samara - VR Flight Zombies
Roger Samara - VR Flight Zombies
If you are the type of person who is fascinated by the idea of a zombie apocalypse, then VR is your closest way to experience it. So, if you want to experience what it’s like to be in a scene of “The Walking Dead”, download “Zombie Shooter”. It is free on Apple and lets gamers to shoot and kill zombies that are chasing them through the VR headset.

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Simple Guide on Buying Your First PC

This guide should help you get a better understanding of what all the components of the computer will mean for you and make it easier to decide what you want, need, and which elements to prioritize. That way, you’ll be better equipped to get the right computer for you, and to avoid spending any more money than you must.

Roger Samara - Computer Buying tips
Roger Samara - Computer Buying tips

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

7 Tips to Speed up Your Windows 10 Computer

Is your new Windows 10 PC has started to lose luster? Are you worried about the expenses that you have to do for bringing the system back to the fast running state? If yes! Here’s a good news for you. In this article, individuals can find some of the tips to speed up their Windows 10 computer suggested by Roger Samara

Roger Samara
Roger Samara Window 10 PC

The professional is the master of the computer world and helps people in solving their technical issues. Actually, most of the folks do not try to repair the PC by themselves because of the fear of losing data. Here, you will find some of the easy and quick to implement tips in order to improve the performance of the system.

Following are 7 useful tips for improving the speed of your Window10 computer:

1. Deactivate Startup Programs

One of the reasons behind the PC taking too much time to startup is too many programs running in the background. Stopping these programs from running allow the system to run smoothly.

2. Locate and Fix the Problem

The built-in performance troubleshooter in Window 10 PC help individuals in finding and resolving the problem that affecting the speed. According to Roger Samara, you need to run the maintenance task under the system and security menu.

3. Run Disk Cleanup 

roger samara
Roger Samara - Disk Cleanup

This is one of the common and oldest methods for improving the system performance. Running disk cleanup will free the space by cleaning the installer, temporary files and other junks strewing the hard drive. All you need to do is search for the disk cleanup and click on the cleanup system files button.

4. Stop using Power Saver Plan 

You should have to stop using the power saver plan if it is not required. Actually, the power saver feature does not do anything good says, Roger Samara. Hence, individuals have to make sure that they are using high performance or balanced plan. 

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5. Disable Shadows, visual effects, and animations 

The window 10 incorporates the eye catchy features like visual effects, shadows, and animations. Actually, on the newer systems, these effects do not impact the system performance. But on the older computers, they affect the performance of the system.

6. Eliminate Bloatware 

Uninstalling the pre-installed apps which are of no use anymore also helps in improving the performance of the system. This is according to Roger Samara that individuals have to scrutinize the list after some time. You have to look for the programs in the list which are of no use and uninstall them.

7. Diminish the Boot Menu Time Out

Roger Samara - Boot Menu Time
Roger Samara - Boot Menu Time

The boot menu appears for few seconds when the PC starts up. One can change the boot menu time (30 seconds by default) in order to save the few seconds of startup.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the tips for improving the performance of your system given by Roger Samara. Individuals can try any one of the tips in order to get the faster Window 10 PC. Furthermore, all these tips are very helpful as well as easy to implement yourself.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How To Find The Best IT Help To Resolve PC Issues?

With such a large number of PC systems in the contemporary world, and it has become too difficult to avoid issues that arise while using computer systems for work. Regardless of whether this means innovation, computer repair is something that we can’t ignore. Fortunately, PC repair services are easily available, but it’s all about choosing the best one.

Roger Samara
Roger Samara

You'll discover many service providers who offer IT Help at affordable prices, but you must choose the ones that offer top-notch results as well. Have a look at some crucial info shared by Roger Samara about computer repairs.

You Can Try To Fix The Issues On Your Own

Most people don't consider trying to repair the PC on their own. The pressure or stress of losing data, or your non-functioning PC can undoubtedly make you too angry to discover a solution quickly. However, quite often the easiest to resolve PC issues are the most common ones. Thus, it is really a smart idea to examine any troubles that you're having with your PC so you can repair them easily on your own.

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Hiring Professional IT Help

In case, you've drained every single available option for you, and you figure out that you may require some additional assistance to tackle a PC issue, at that point hiring an expert for IT Help may offer the right assistance. Expert guidance is available in various structures, but it can be divided into two noteworthy parts: PC repair shops, and calling a professional in your place.

Roger Samara - IT Help
Roger Samara - IT Help

A lot of people visit a computer repair shop. These are often situated in a local spot near their house. PC repair shops have the ability to resolve various PC issues, and can be trusted with your PC. However, it’s a bit of a hassle to take your PC to a repair shop.

On the other hand, hiring professional for IT Support is one of the most convenient ways to get your computer repaired in no time.

A technician comes to your home or workplace to take care of the issue. Such services may be somewhat more costly than going specifically to a PC repair shop, but, it is considerably a lot easier and empowers you to accomplish more tasks while your PC is being repaired.

It is reasonable to say that individuals who have a busy or hectic life will most likely choose to have PC issues resolved at home or office by professional technicians.

However, it’s advisable that you should call a professional for IT Help when you have time. That’s because you never know how big the problem is or how much time will it take for the professional to resolve the issues in your computer.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

CTWP has best service technician in America

Roger Samara - CTWP
Roger Samara | CTWP
Ken Dishon, of CTWP Document Imaging Solutions, earned the Best Technician in the United States by Kyocera for the 2016 Service Award National Competition Monday, Sept. 11. He competed against the best of the best from each of the national regions. CTWP’s Corsicana office is located at 111 W. Fifth Ave.

Dishon started the competition by taking an online test, testing his knowledge of Kyocera products, networking and color theory. Out of over 500 people that took the test in the United States, his score was one of the top five in the South West Region. His score earned his a spot in the South West Region Service Award Semi-finals. He then competed against the other top finishers in the Regions. There was a written test to further test his mastery of the subjects covered in the online test. The next part of the Semi-final was hands on troubleshooting. A number of machines were set up with the various problems and each person had to find and correct the problem in the shortest time possible. There was also an interview portion where questions were asked showing his ability to deal with customer concerns in a professional manner.

After winning the Region Semi-final competition Dishon was invited to the Finals at the National Training Center. The competition there was the same format as the Semi-finals but the test and troubleshooting problems were more difficult.

Roger Samara is a Computer Technician at Asiatic solution with 10 years of experience. He is master of Computer's world and he is passionate about his work & new technologies introducing in Computer's world. He is fully dedicated to his work. Determine user's technical needs and provide them with appropriate solutions. Install hardware, software and device drivers on standalone computers. Install and configure computer networks including LAN and WAN. Manage network configurations to ensure that all computers on a network can communicate effectively .Test computers peripherals, hardware and software to ensure that they are working appropriately. Upgrade software, patches and operating systems on a continuous basis. Install and configure monitors, keyboards and printers. Troubleshoot hardware and software problems. Act as a technical resource in order to assist users with resolving computer issues. Ensure that all computers are secured effectively by installing and updating antivirus software.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Removing a virus without using any anti-virus software

Roger Samara
Roger Samara | Removing a virus 

Virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect computers.
The term "virus" is erroneously used to refer to other types of malware, including adware and spyware programs that do not have the reproductive ability.
A true virus can spread from one computer to another (in some form of executable code).
One of the ways by which a virus can infect your PC is through USB/Flash drives.
Common viruses such as 'Ravmon' , 'New Folder.exe', 'Orkut is banned' are spreading through USB drive .
Most anti virus programs are unable to detect them and even if they do, in most cases they are unable
to delete the file, only quarantine it.So in our post we use command prompt to remove harmful files that
any anti-virus can't. 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The countries with the world’s fastest mobile internet

Roger Samara  |Mobile Internet
Roger Samara  |Mobile Internet

If you’re after blazing mobile data speeds, you should go to South Korea, Norway, or Hungary. Those are the countries with the fastest mobile internet connections, clocking over 30 megabits per second on average, according to new research by data analytic firm Open Signal.

Open Signal measured data speeds that the average user in 87 countries would experience, meaning that both 4G and 3G speeds were aggregated instead of measured in isolation. The average global speed for an LTE, or 4G, connection was 17.4 mbps, from an earlier Open Signal study, meaning the average mobile data connection in the top three fastest countries is nearly twice as fast as the global average.

The Open Signal report reveals another trend at work: Even as mobile data speeds increase, users are spending large amounts of time with mobile devices connected to wifi networks. For instance, mobile users in South Korea spend 50% of their time connected to wifi; in Norway it’s 55%, and in Hungary it’s 53%. This suggests that mobile data links aren’t being used to replace wifi networks, but to supplement them, the report says. By Roger Samara

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Summerlin Air Force veteran carves niche as computer technician

Roger Samara
Roger Samara | Summerlin Air Force

When Kevin Hoffnagle left the Air Force after serving in Afghanistan, he found it tough to get a job.

He didn’t find anything for a year. Then he turned to Veterans Affairs, who set him up with The Learning Center, 777 N. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 150.

Hoffnagle used his GI benefits to train as a computer technician. He was familiar with the work; he once took apart and rebuilt his computer. Without a car, he walked an hour each way to training.

“I’m real fit now,” he said. “It made me lose weight.”

The course was six weeks of classroom instruction, followed by a three-month unpaid internship. Besides vocational training through the VA, The Learning Center offers Purple Heart recipients a 12-day Microsoft Office Suite course (usually $2,595 ) free.

Hoffnagle’s internship was done at TLC Computer Solutions, 7501 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 112. Owner John Sinchak said he considered hiring Hoffnagle after the 12-hour a week internship was over, but said it would take another six months to get him trained for a technical position that was opening up. So he kept him on over the summer to see how did.

“We knew Kevin was dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and we knew about his back injury, so he came to us with those issues, which might be a deterrent to hire on a regular basis,” Sinchak said. “… Because he’s put so much effort into the program, we wanted to work with him and bring him into the organization.”

Hoffnagle proved to be a good fit as a back-room technician.

“I think this is the kind of environment that is good for him. It’s small enough we can keep close tabs on him, where in a larger business he might get lost in the shuffle,” Sinchak said.

This Christmas, Hoffnagle became certified and is now gainfully employed at TLC.

Part of the reason, Pinchas admitted, that he was working with The Learning Center was because the program provides a rebate for the veteran’s salary for a few months. Hoffnagle also received an allowance from the VA, covering tools, equipment, clothes and other items he might need during training.

“Since I know what I want to do now, it helps me (increase) my knowledge base,” Hoffnagle said. “To have this program available, it gives you a safety net you can use, even though you have to be a certain percentage disabled to use it. They get you into a (career) you can be good at.”

A fellow worker, Matthew Winther, had nothing but praise for how the Air Force prepared Hoffnagle for approaching any job.

“Kevin’s a real hard worker,” he said. “He’s got that military attitude. He comes to work and gets right to it. If I didn’t make him stop, I’m sure he’d still be here when I come back the next morning.”

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Juniper signs up tech alliance to secure software-defined networks

The alliance partnerships are to deploy security solutions for software-defined networks.

Juniper Networks is forming a collaboration alliance in order to expand software-defined secure networks.

Roger Samara - Juniper Networks
Roger Samara - Juniper Networks

Partnerships have been formed with a number of security providers across critical areas such as, endpoint security, cloud access security and network access control.

Together, the partners will integrate their individual technologies with Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) platform. This is to allow customers to create cohesive security infrastructures for advanced threat intelligence sharing and prevention.

The companies joining Juniper’s existing alliances include Carbon Black, Netscape, Cipher Cloud, Fore Scout and Aruba.

Carbon Black is to deliver its endpoint security solution, this will be integrated with Juniper’s SDSN framework to extend its network solution and include endpoint visibility, protection and control.

The joint solution from the two companies will provide either a flexible on-premises, cloud or hybrid solution based on what the customer needs.

Netscape Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution will join together with Juniper’s enterprise security solutions. The purpose of this is to extend enforcement to the cloud to enable cloud awareness on firewalls and the ability to block employee access to malicious cloud services.

Roger Samara - Cipher Cloud
Roger Samara - Cipher Cloud
Cipher Cloud’s CASB platform is to target enterprise security solutions with visibility, adaptive control and strong encryption for cloud apps and data.

HPE Company, Aruba’s alliance with Juniper will see its Clear Pass security portfolio integrated with Juniper’s campus and branch network products and firewalls to deliver a unique solution that identifies next-gen security attacks for security and IT teams.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Computer tech keeps students on track

Roger Samara | Computer Tech
Roger Samara | Computer Tech
Computers were ready when Garreth Treadway started work at Fort Gibson Schools earlier this month.

"Since Jan. 3, I've probably seen and worked on more laptops than I've ever seen or worked on in the past year," said Treadway, the district's new computer technician.

Treadway's main responsibility is to keep 1,200 student laptops in good condition.
"We look for him to just take over the laptop program," said district Technology Director Jason Wicks.

Students who don't have their own laptops pay a tech fee to use the Dell laptops for the school year. They were purchased through the district's One-to-One program in 2013.

"These are a little older models, and they're slow," Wicks said.

Laptop repair needs include broken screens, keyboard issues or power charger problems, he said.

Treadway, 28, said he also helps Wicks on school work orders, such as projectors, teachers' computers, monitors.

"I work on basic needs on computer and computer-related issues," he said.

Treadway learned much of his computer skills at Indian Capital Technology Center's Tahlequah campus. He said his teacher and mentor, Buzzy Manning, gave him a wonderful learning environment.

Roger Samara - Computer Student
Roger Samara - Computer Student

Garreth Treadway uses his own set of tiny tools to work on computers at Fort Gibson Schools. He works mostly on student laptops.

He said he had always been interested in technology, "but I didn't know I had a passion for it until I went to my class at ICTC."

He said Manning took that interest and turned it into a passion.

"Throughout the year, she gave me the tools for me in 2016 to get my Comp Tools A-plus certification," he said. "We keep in contact and she helps me through some troubleshooting."

He said he placed third in computer maintenance at a state Skills USA competition, which tests job-oriented technical skills.

When he's not working, Treadway likes reading and learning more about computer technology.
Computer tech keeps students on track

Garreth Treadway works on a Fort Gibson Schools laptop computer. Students pay a fee to use the laptops during the school year.
Staff photo by Cathy Spaulding

"I like that it's ever-changing," he said. "The knowledge you think you know changes from minute to minute. It's not stagnate learning. You are always having to keep up with technology."

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