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Computer tech keeps students on track

Roger Samara | Computer Tech
Roger Samara | Computer Tech
Computers were ready when Garreth Treadway started work at Fort Gibson Schools earlier this month.

"Since Jan. 3, I've probably seen and worked on more laptops than I've ever seen or worked on in the past year," said Treadway, the district's new computer technician.

Treadway's main responsibility is to keep 1,200 student laptops in good condition.
"We look for him to just take over the laptop program," said district Technology Director Jason Wicks.

Students who don't have their own laptops pay a tech fee to use the Dell laptops for the school year. They were purchased through the district's One-to-One program in 2013.

"These are a little older models, and they're slow," Wicks said.

Laptop repair needs include broken screens, keyboard issues or power charger problems, he said.

Treadway, 28, said he also helps Wicks on school work orders, such as projectors, teachers' computers, monitors.

"I work on basic needs on computer and computer-related issues," he said.

Treadway learned much of his computer skills at Indian Capital Technology Center's Tahlequah campus. He said his teacher and mentor, Buzzy Manning, gave him a wonderful learning environment.

Roger Samara - Computer Student
Roger Samara - Computer Student

Garreth Treadway uses his own set of tiny tools to work on computers at Fort Gibson Schools. He works mostly on student laptops.

He said he had always been interested in technology, "but I didn't know I had a passion for it until I went to my class at ICTC."

He said Manning took that interest and turned it into a passion.

"Throughout the year, she gave me the tools for me in 2016 to get my Comp Tools A-plus certification," he said. "We keep in contact and she helps me through some troubleshooting."

He said he placed third in computer maintenance at a state Skills USA competition, which tests job-oriented technical skills.

When he's not working, Treadway likes reading and learning more about computer technology.
Computer tech keeps students on track

Garreth Treadway works on a Fort Gibson Schools laptop computer. Students pay a fee to use the laptops during the school year.
Staff photo by Cathy Spaulding

"I like that it's ever-changing," he said. "The knowledge you think you know changes from minute to minute. It's not stagnate learning. You are always having to keep up with technology."

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